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(Even not appearing in scene, the film was fragrant with Hayama) This can be felt after watching the film, this is because of the effort of Arimura-san. Arimura-san said that the time facing Izumi was “very tough time”, when the finished film was watched, such feeling of facing the character was honestly conveyed. The feeling of Hayama fragrant in the film was strong.

I myself barely appeared in film and drama since last co-act (with Arimura-san), while Arimura-san, during these years, as actress, acted in many drama and films. Now she also acts in morning drama as leading actress. Though we entered the filming site with feeling “It’s been some time since we met”, the atmosphere was totally different from that time (last co-act).

(Did you two discuss the film or characters) We did not have conversation on this. While Izumi’s script line also says that, to her Hayama is a person that she does not know at all what he is thinking about, but with such illogic parts they are attracted to each other. Arimura-san thought that, to Izumi, it was just fine that “Hayama is an existence which she does not understand”. That said, at the site including Director, when it was about to discuss the work, we would get away from such conversation.

(Preparation for the character) The glasses were chosen by Director Yukisada among several tens of pairs prepared for this film. The thing said by Director before filming which was impressive was, if normally I was 100%, let’s cut my eyesight to around 40%, he said to me. What was cutting my eyesight… (giggle). If my eyesight was cut to 40%, was I Matsumoto Jun. What sort of acting would it be with such status. After taking consideration of various things, finally I started with the nuance of the 40% mentioned by Director and what approach to take so as to express the 40%. It was also related to the tone of speaking and movement, I thought about how to make a 40%, I felt like creating a character. While I did not ask if my acting was the correct one, but (Director said) OK, so I think that my acting should be fine.

It was joyful to act with more and more suppression. Of course it was not all about joy, there are also doubt and error of trial, the way of working on this character is different from “in order to depict this character what should be expressed”. I acted to an extent that I worried if it was fine to act with such suppression. I thought about where and how to suppress would be fine, the acting was done more carefully and it was very interesting.

OA 7 Oct 2017
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The character Hayama is a person who is cornered everywhere, I think. Though he makes his living as a teacher in school, I think he is a person who chooses things outside the way he should live as. A person who has fallen once, can he even a bit make a rebirth, such way of capturing the character. Comparatively objectively, what made me able to capture the character Hayama was largely attributed to the filming be done in Toyama. Different from the place I live my daily life, “going to” Toyama made me naturally switched on to the character.

As you see the love stories I acted in the past, how to say, there was some meaning and feeling of I’ve done something inside me. This time during the discussion with Director Yukisada (Isao) and Producer Ogawa (Shinji)-san, what approach could be done, what they wanted to do through this film, when I heard what they said I think this work in charming. I think that I can have an experience which I have not experienced thus far. When I am aware, I was persuaded by Director Yukisada and Ogawa-san (giggle).

“Narratage” is not with strong sense of entertainment, if anything it is a damp film with moisture, as a work there is a sense of commonality. What I think charming in it is… on the contrary people in their 10s, when they watch this film, though they may not understand all the things in it, I hope this would be a work which they accept the things they do not understand as they are. And then, after several years when they remember this film and watch it again, they would have different feeling, I hope that this film would be such a work. And then, I hoped that this film would be that even there are scenes which I do not appear, the film would be fragrant by the existence of Hayama. Though this film is about Izumi’s story, Hayama continues living in her mind, she continues thinking about Hayama, so that Hayama remains in the memory of audience. I thought that such way of depiction was very interesting.

OA 7 Oct 2017
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Thanks a lot to Winkychan ( for translating and subbing the clip. Please read her post for details and credits. RAW Provider: amnos_n0_asa.

Please refer to Winkychan's note for other subbed programmes.

Saki ni Umareta Dake no Boku
NTV Saturday drama
14 October 2017 22:00~
(1st episode 14mins extension)
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TV Guide has been on publication for so long. Splendid. It started publication several years after the beginning of commercial broadcast wasn’t it. What’s more it’s weekly magazine it’s surprising. Every week, to continue putting in such information is very difficult job, I think. I hope it continues delivering many information in the future. We shall also work our best so as to appear in it!

I watch a lot TV. At night, when I am back home I turn on TV right away, I watch programmes broadcast at that time, or watched the programmes I recorded, somehow I have time to watch TV. I watch a lot sports programmes. In particular the real-time broadcast of contests, if I have time I watch them a lot. Now I watch tennis programmes. When I was a child, I watched a lot anime. I watched Kamen Rider and Sentai Mono, I also liked Ultraman. I had memory about “Ultraman Taro” and “Ultraman A”, and I played the toy of Ultraman. And then I watched a lot “Kato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV” and “Shimura Ken no Bakatonosama”. Speaking of TV star since I remembered things, Player Hara (Tatsunori). Because I was baseball-youngster, I watched Giants and Yakult games. Though there were various players, the star was Player Hara. At that time I thought of becoming a baseball player. And then, when I thought about start I would think of Yoshi Ikuzo-san. My grandfather likes “Yukiguni” a lot, at home he played a lot the recording. Therefore I have strong image of Yoshi Ikuzo-san singing “Yukiguni” on TV.

Even now I still think TV is something like a treasure box of dreams. Since I was small I grew up watching TV, in our time the games we played were mainly connected to TV too. When I was small, there were various dreams in that Braun-tube box. I have been the one who watched TV, now I become the one who appear in TV, but still there are things like dreams at there. Not only dreams there are also reality in there, I think I am in an interesting position.

--- Playback Matsumoto Jun that time! ~ Verification of the popular phrase in the past ~
“As for myself, thus far I have experienced various things myself though, I don’t want to call it evolution. After all I am just on the road (to evolution)... I am stoic (giggle).” - 2008.4.4 issue

The change since that time, I have no idea at all. Compared with the past, somehow there is progression and regression, I think. Now if I am “on the road”, now I have no interest in it. Rather than how I should be now, or how I should become in the future, I think what I should do at this place is more important.
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Congratulations to 55th anniversary. Splendid! Speaking of 55 years, TV Guide-san began publication over 20 years before I was born, right? Thinking about this, TV Guide-san is great. Though it’s straight heading 60th anniversary… it’ll be five years later (giggle). Thus far in TV Guide-san, we were allowed to do various projects. What do I want to do in the future? No no, no such thing. Because, TV Guide-san has things it wants to do. We don’t have such things (desire to do project) (giggle).

Recently I am busy, so I barely watch TV. Even I watch TV it’s pretty much news programme. When I was small too I almost didn’t watch variety programmes. And then when I was in primary and junior high school, I watched a lot live broadcast of baseball games. Of course, games of Giants. Therefore it might be bit different from watching TV with joy. When Giants won I was happy, when they lost I felt regretful. Even during live broadcast of baseball games, during the time for Koshien, because I was mostly outside playing baseball I didn’t watch it. Therefore when I was small the star I admired was professional baseball players. I indeed like Hara (Tatsunori)-san most. Hara-san who worked as the fourth player in the batting order when he was in the games. I was happy when Hara-san was the batter.

To me, TV has an image of “A thing that anyone can watch when he likes to”. And then because I act too, it is also “a thing that I can be seen”.

--- Playback Ninomiya Kazunari that time! ~ Verification of the popular phrase in the past ~
“I like the phrase ‘It must be fine’. When stepping forward for a new thing, everyone would be anxious. Though I barely have such anxiety. My feeling is not fluctuating. I’m always fine. In the past I was a very anxious person though, I experienced various things I became at ease.” - 2006.6.2 issue

“I’m always fine” now such way of thinking still doesn’t change. I don’t have fluctuating feeling, because I don’t have over-expectation myself. But, if asked about how to normally think in this way, I have no idea, honestly. Though it sounds dry at first, this is something about feeling. It’s not something that can be explained by words, and the way to do this depends on different people isn’t it.
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9/15 Updated! Today is about Master in episode “Volleyball・Player Shimizu Kunihiro”.

At the beginning of the programme, the unexpected relationship between Master and Player Shimizu was revealed.
During the Spring High School Volleyball Championship, Player Shimizu watched Aiba-san perform live.
So, we had to search for that video! then,
With the cooperation from FujiTV-san, we broadcast the video.
Well. Master was young! I also liked the feeling of him being bit flippant-like!?!
While… After all I like the current Master more.
Master in his 30s, being an adult, I feel that his charm is increasing.
Perhaps, as for the MC of Gutto-Sports this may be the best period of time for him to take up this work.
To the players in their 20s Master is just like a big brother, to the players older than him Master is like a little brother.
When Master grows to 40s, I think we shall see a different side of him though,
there may be a sense of familiarity to athletes mostly for age.
That Master said to Player Shimizu “You grew up” is a symbolisation.

During the challenge performance Master received the gori serve.
While he said that if it was dangerous he would avoid the ball, when the ball came in front to him he received it.
My honest thought is that my point of view was it was great that he didn’t get injured.
During last week’s surfing challenge we prepared elbow pads.
Though there were times that whether to wear them or not depended on Master’s judgment,
“That is...” when we thought about this, from our side we would ask for Master to wear them.
It is necessary to ensure safety.
Because if Master gets injured it will cause inconvenience to many people. I shall continue keeping this in mind!

Because the topic of the Spring High School Volleyball Championship was brought up, from the beginning the atmosphere was cozy.

In the corner about Yamagata’s Miura-san, to Player Shimizu who sent message to Miura-san,
“What about sweet pepper? What about sweet pepper?” Master added in these lines.
With that the corner was felt compact (echoing the start of the corner where Miura-san said “sweet pepper”).
Though it was a little thing, this little line made the atmosphere of the studio better.
Such tact may be the characteristic of Master.

During the topic about his wife, first of all how they began their romance was talked about.
Such topic which people unexpectedly do not know, because people would like to hear about them,
Master asked the question in a very timely manner.
Because Master is the representative of audience, such feeling is treasured.
I have talked about this before, the working meeting was less than 10 minutes.
During the meeting the flow of filming was confirmed, as for what questions to ask was left to Master’s feeling.
I think this breaks the “expected harmony”.

The Gutto-Point this time is as expected, it was straightforward opinion.
Though there were also Gutto-Points which were bit unexpected,
To interweave expected and unexpected Gutto-Points is Master’s charm.
People are attracted to the “unexpected” things.

The next episode is basketball legend・Player Orimo Takehiko on 19 September!
He is 47 years old and is still active player. And then he plays two roles at the same time being a team president as well as an athlete!

Gutto Sports / NHK
Weekly Tuesday 22:25 JPT
Re-broadcast Weekly Tuesday 0:55 JPT
Recipe introduced in the programme:
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Aoki: Good day, thanks for your hard work. Sorry interrupting you in-between the filming.
S: No, me too, thank you. (PON! gesture)
Aoki: Suddenly receiving the PON! gesture, thank you.
S: Well, I should do it at the start of interview.

Aoki: It’s an October drama, now it’s July but the filming is going on.
S: Yes.
Aoki: In particular, today’s filming is hot, it’s difficult, as I heard.
S: Ha, please recall. At school gymnasium, there is no air conditioner. I put on the clothes for winter and do the filming, though it’s a very tough situation…
Aoki: There are also around 300 extra.
S: Right. Well, though it’s a tough filming, because of this, the team spirit becomes deep. It’s a feeling of climbing a difficult mountain day by day.

Aoki: I and Sho-san, in terms of school, we studied in the same university. “When would I meet Sho-san somewhere?” I was excited about this. But, at the school time, somehow, in the campus, even we meet Sho-san, we shouldn’t make a fuss, there was such atmosphere or hidden rule, thing like that. When you were in campus, we should give you peace. There was such atmosphere. Therefore, though I didn’t express it, in fact, I was terribly excited (when seeing you).
S: Hahaha. Well, really, I am grateful about this.
Aoki: Did you feel that atmosphere?
S: Yup. In fact I felt that. When I was in university year 1 and 2, I was in school everyday. When it was close to the end of summer break, everyone also thought “You are still here” and didn’t make any reaction. However, totally, because of this, we had gap of two school years, the feeling of “you are still here” was still fresh wasn’t it?
Aoki: Yes yes.
S: Kouhai or senpai 1 or 2 school years above me, I am really grateful to them, somehow, in school there was no (over reaction towards his presence).
Aoki: There is one thing I need to come out here. When Sho-san is in year 4, you took one course, the classroom after that course, I took my course there.
S: Really?
Aoki: Campus West Classroom 517.
S: Haha I didn’t remember that!
Aoki: The chair Sho-san sat on, I sat on that every time!
S: Hahahahahahaha~ Well, that was really good memory. Too me as well.
Aoki: That was my coming out.

S: Is it fine not to have good information (for the programme)?
Aoki: On the contrary, do you have good information for us?
S: The day before yesterday, (Kikuchi Fuma) came to my home to play game. We played game. Isn’t it great?
Aoki: Not Ninomiya-san, but Sho-san!
S: Right right right. Fuma acts in Monday night drama, he mostly acts himself alone. He said “It’s difficult remembering the script” and asked me “Big bro, how do you remember script?” I then answered how I remembered script, indeed. Because my drama also has very long scripts.
Aoki: Do you remember them at home?
S: At home. I, in living room, open the script. At first I remember the script lines, and then I do rehearsal alone. As if I were in teacher office, I say the script lines, and do the actual movement. I do it for two to three hours, and then it is around 0200 at night, the next day I start work at 0700, because I do rehearsal alone, I am very excited, and I can’t fall asleep at all, everyday I am short of sleep.
Aoki: (When you do rehearsal alone) do you do it in sleepwear? What sort of sleepwear do you put on for rehearsal? (Sho-san was thinking about how to answer) Is it camouflage sleepwear?
S: Not camouflage! What should I be hiding from (if I put on camouflage at home)! (Giggle) I have homewear which I also put on in the drama, the colour is not the same. It’s short pant which is puffy.
Aoki: Then you go to bed wearing it?
S: Yes.
Aoki: Thanks for such valuable information!
S: Bon appetit. (Giggle)

Saki ni Umareta Dake no Boku
NTV Saturday drama
14 October 2017 22:00~
(1st episode 14mins extension)
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Thanks a lot to Winkychan ( for proofreading and subbing the episode. Please read her post for details and credits. RAW Provider: K-A-N奈奈.

Additional reading from Winkychan:
- Dissolution of parliament in Japan and other countries (Wikipedia)
- Abe to dissolve lower house without policy speech on Sept 28 (Japan Today)
- Brewing Kake Gakuen scandal points to alleged Abe favoritism (Japan Today)
- NEWS ZERO [2017.03.20]

To ARASHI fan communities: In case you would like to translate this episode to languages, please PM Winkychan at twitter ( Winkychan could provide raw + softsub.
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Why is there “Dissolution of House of Representatives”?

Prime Minister Abe who confirmed his intention to dissolve the House of Representatives
which is with more than one year of term of office.

The dissolution and general election of the House of Representatives is
“to re-elect all the members of the House of Representatives”,
to begin with, what is this for?

First of all, the National Diet is composed of the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors,
but only the House of Representatives has the system of dissolution.
There is no system of dissolution for the House of Councillors.

The term of office of the House of Representatives is also short, compared with six years for the House of Councillors, that the one for the House of Representatives is four years.

Furthermore, before the four years of term of office,
dissolution is mostly taken part.

In other words, dissolution and subsequent general election,
as for the policies and issues of the Cabinet at that time,
asking the trust of citizens,
has a purpose of reflecting the latest will of people in politics.

While it is the dissolution with significant meaning to us citizens,
the person who can dissolve the House of Representatives, in fact, is the Prime Minister only.

Therefore, the rights of dissolution is said to be the “sword treasured in the family”.
Resembling the joker card so-to-speak,
for occasions working favorably to himself,
it can also be used as the trump card.

Among the dissolutions taken part in various Cabinets,
thus far various names were offered to them.

For instance, the Yoshida Shigeru Cabinet in 1953.
The name offered to the dissolution was “Bakayaro Dissolution” (Idiot Dissolution).

Then Prime Minister Yoshida commented the opposition party member as bakayaro
and the Diet came into conflict.
After that, the Diet was confronted with mistrust
and was dissolved, and this name was offered.

And the "cause" of the election seeking trust of citizens
will also be used as the name of the dissolution as it is.

For instance in 2005,
Koizumi Cabinet’s “Postal Dissolution” in which he wanted to ask citizen
about their view on privatization of postal services,
and the “Abenomics Dissolution” in 2014
the issue of which was postponement of raising consumption tax to 10%.

And then what is the cause of the dissolution this time?

According to people around Prime Minister, as one of the issues of the election, by raising the consumption tax to 10%,
Prime Minister Abe said that he “intends to turn part of the new tax revenue into
‘investment on education and children’”.

However, Governor Koike expressed doubt that
she “does not understand the justification for this dissolution”.

The Democratic Party’s Representative Maehara is strongly opposing to the dissolution, stating that this is nothing but to protect Prime Minister’s own advantage.

Source: News Zeroイチメン (
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Song List

Limited Edition / Standard Edition CD1
1. Green Light
2. Tsunagu
3. “Unfinished”
4. Sugar
5. Power of the Paradise
6. Ari no Mama de
7. Fuun
8. I’ll be there
9. Hug
10. Pray
11. Light
12. To the other side
13. Song for you ※ Suite

Limited Edition DVD
Album lead song “Unfinished”
Video Clip + Special Making

Standard Edition CD2
1. Buzzing Night (AOS)
2. Night’s Shadow (MNO)
3. UB (AN)
4. Come Back (MS)
5. Kanpai song (Bonus Track)

* Song names in romaji because context is yet known.


Release date: 18 October 2017
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Thanks a lot to Winkychan ( for proofreading and subbing the episode. Please read her post for details and credits. RAW Provider: amnos_n0_asa.

To ARASHI fan communities: In case you would like to translate this episode to languages, please PM Winkychan at twitter ( Winkychan could provide raw + softsub.

Saki ni Umareta Dake no Boku
NTV Saturday drama
14 October 2017 22:00~
(1st episode 14mins extension)
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Thanks a lot to Winkychan ( for proofreading and subbing the episode. Please read her post for details and credits. RAW Provider: regret_jh@naver.

Additional reading from Winkychan:
- North Korea responds to latest U.N. sanctions with second missile over Japan (The Japan Times)

- Moments of remembrance: The 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks (ABC News)

To ARASHI fan communities: In case you would like to translate this episode to languages, please PM Winkychan at twitter ( Winkychan could provide raw + softsub.


Sep. 17th, 2017 06:03 pm
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Hello everyone!!!!

I know this year was not a good year for exchanges, which is why I'm more than happy that so many of you participated and made this exchange possible!! Thanks for participating and handing in so many beautiful fics! Thanks for putting so much work into your gift fics! <3

So: First of all I want to thank all of you! This year the whole process of organising this exchange was particularly smooth, and it's all thanks to you guys! I love holding arashi-exchange each year, which is why I would love to know from you, if you were happy with Dreamwidth as a platform? As a mod I can tell you that it was fairly comfortable here (everytime I had to log in on Lj, I battled several advertisments plopping up and the messed up tags), but I wonder if you felt comfortable here too?

Before opening the curtains and revealing everything, I would like to thank [personal profile] yukitsubute  and [personal profile] reveetoile  for pinch-hitting! Thank you, you were awesome!! <3

Also a huge thank you to all the readers who supported this exchange by commenting and reading fics!

So, before I continue with my ramble, let me lift the curtains :D Click on the cut to find the reveals: 


With the reveals out in the open now now, feel free to flail, brag and repost the fic(s) you've written! ^_^/ You can also talk to your author/recipient openly now!

I hope you had fun during this exchange, and I hope to see you all next year!

Thank you!

Yours Isa

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-- The gravure of the issue you first appeared on the cover which was worth commemorating is reproduced, did you remember that time?

M: Though I barely remembered that time, we had a lot of photography with feeling of running. But this page, “Still running on and on!” there is such a title, at that time, we haven’t…
S: We didn’t run much that time (giggle).
M: Because at that time it was less than one year since our debut.
N: When I see it now I think “Then we run on and on!”.
A: From now on (giggle).
O: What was my appearance (giggle).
M: A post like “What are you talking about!”.

-- It is the 55th anniversary of TV Guide. What would you like your 55 years old to be?

O: Around 20 years later. It’s good to live healthily then (giggle).
M: Me too. It’s fine if I feel good.
S: There won’t be change isn’t it?
M: But, ARASHI is not yet in our 20th anniversary, TV Guide is having longer time than ARASHI since debut.
S: I see!
A: The road is long.
M: Indeed the eyesight may get worse that time, eyes may become old-sighted. I also look forward to it. Sho-kun is with good eyesight, it’s too soon for you, right?
S: Now too occa~sionally I see things blurred (giggle).
M: Then put old-sighted glasses!
S: OK. It’ll be interesting, right? During concert when I wave hands, I suddenly put on old-sighted glasses (giggle).
N: Ahahaha, it’s fresh.

-- What would you think about the strength of TV?

S: Indeed its spontaneity, it is a medium that can convey message live, right? During the live music programme I think that “now, at this moment, ARASHI is singing” I have such feeling, this feeling is difficult to feel in other media.
N: Right so.
S: What’s more recently, there are more media which audience can join together.
M: And its appeal. Speaking of our generation, we are used to watching TV at home since we are small, so it is for certain for us to obtain various information from TV.
A: I saw a lot TV~
M: For instance when we go to other districts, there are grandpas and grandmas saying to us that they watch our programmes, this is the power of TV which is different from the Internet world such as SNS, isn’t it?
N: Ohno-san also watches TV. He has a big TV at home.
S: That big TV.
O: … I watch it (giggle).

-- So here, as the course of ARASHI-san and TV Guide, we want to look back the question asked during release of “Love So Sweet” in 2007, “Various things that are sweet”. First of all the sweet thing of Sakurai-san that Ohno-san thought about was “When he dines feverishly”.
O: Ahaha, I said such thing (giggle).
S: I think this is really kawaii (giggle).
M: You say so yourself (giggle).
S: Now still I eat feverishly. Because I barely eat in-between meals, basically I always have empty stomach.
O: You don’t eat in-between meals. I almost haven’t seen you eating snacks.
N: Indeed.
S: However at the filming site of TV drama, when my head can’t work, I eat chocolate!
A: Also the cake time when we all eat cakes. You like cake.
S: Because it’s sweet not snack (giggle).
A: Ahaha, it’s like a girl (giggle).

N: Then, the sweet thing of Ohno-san that I said, "the hairstyle and stoop that is always the same”.
S: Ahahaha.
O: Because the parting of hair doesn’t change.
N: (Reading the cover of past issue) This is the opposite against the parting now.
O: Oh? From time to time it changes (giggle).
M: There is a pattern Ohno-san decided. It’s like sideway, or wave.
S: You have haircut yourself.
O: Yup. Therefore it doesn’t change? My stoop also doesn’t change.
S: Though recently I almost don’t think so…
N: But people first know you will absolutely talk about your stoop. We are used to Ohno-san’s stoop.
S: Is that so, we also became stoop (giggle).
A: The eyesight became the same level (giggle).
S: But, speaking of this, Nino is also said to have stoop since long time ago (giggle).

M: Then the sweet thing of Nino that I said. “During the filming of ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ overseas, when I sent mail to him, he replied sweet message”. Though I remembered nothing about this, that was very sweet.
S: Like Nakajima Kento (giggle).
M: From time to time we sent mails to each other.
N: Yup, because I have been staying overseas for two months. Though I remembered I received mails from all of you… did I reply sweet messages.
M: You did propose too, didn’t you? (Giggle)
N: Probably I did (giggle).
M: It’s also a matter of distance. The member who has been with us together normally was away from us for two months, naturally such sweetness comes out.

S: The sweet thing of Aiba-kun that I think was “easily moved to tears”. “When Aiba-kun went watching film with his younger brother’s couple, seemed only Aiba-kun burst into tears”... Ah. Is that it? “Watashi no Atama no Naka no Keshigomu”.
A: Yes that film! I remembered that.
M: You three went watching it?
A: Yes. I cried before my younger brother and his girlfriend, I destroyed the aura for the couple. There was such a time~
M: It should be a movie for dating.
A: It should be they cried together.
M: Because big brother sitting beside cried first.
A: I felt sorry (giggle).
S: Well, the images of Aiba-kun being easily moved to tears just don’t stop. In my memory there are so many scenes of Aiba-kun bursting into tears.
M: The famous work was the live at Hawaii during 15th anniversary, right?
A: Though it wasn’t a work (film)… (giggle).
M: No no, to us each scene is a work.
N: The scene seen during “Waku Waku Gakkou” recently.
S: Facing backwards in front of audience, saying “thank you” in tears (giggle).
M: I laughed a lot. The famous work that makes people touched and laugh!
O: A new form (giggle).
A: Because I have been told not to cry in front of people.
N: You are the one who cry most (giggle).
A: Grandpa, Grandma, people at that time taught this, right?
S: “Men should not cry” teaching like this.
A: Yes yes. Though now it may be different, because I am that generation, indeed I want to hide my tears.
S: You didn’t hide it (giggle).

A: Then the sweet thing of MatsuJun that I said… “Though you are basically a Do S, during location filming of ‘Mago Mago ARASHI’ you played playing house with the girls and you had kawaii movement”.
O: So reminiscing.
A: That gap was kawaii to me.
M: But really, in the morning we met each other saying “nice to meet you”, during lunch we became voluble, when we left it was bit lonely. I felt strongly something like the humanity of grandpa and grandma.
A: It was a great programme.
O: We did a lot location filming, it was fun.

-- Then, thinking about it again, what are the sweet things of each member?

S: Then start from Ohno-san. It should be the smallness of the bag! When we stay in other places overnight, “what should be taken so that they can be included in such a bag” the bag is in such size, I may think “by any chance you don’t wear pants?” (giggle).
O: I wear pants (giggle).
N: If stay one night, things are always the same, right?
M: It’s a bag like tote bag.
O: Yup. I put pants and several T-shirts in.
A: What about when you go overseas?
O: Though I shall bring a suitcase then, it’s hollow inside. I put souvenirs in.
A: It’s sweet (giggle).

O: The sweet thing of Sho-chan…
S: I am basically bitter.
A: He eats baumkuchen and roll cake.
N: He eats a lot indeed.
O: It should be that he sleeps a lot, right? When he has free time in green room, he always goes to sleep.
A: The appearance of his falling asleep is sweet!
O: Fufufu, his sleeping face is heart-throbbing.

A: Nino, it is sweet when he invites me to play game “play together, play together”.
M: The relationship between these two people is sweet even from my point of view.
N: Was I kawaii?
M: Very kawaii (giggle).
A: He taught me me playing games attentively, it was fun.
N: It was fun. Because if it was not fun I wouldn’t play game (giggle).

M: Aiba-kun is the sweetest man. Recently after work when we went for dining, and had a drink after that. Then he brought out from his bag snacks, and said “I took it from the filming site” (giggle).
S: I saw the moment that he took it from the filming site. He put a lot in the bag (giggle).
O: Ahahahaha.
N: It’s stealing isn’t it (giggle).
A: No no, because they are the snacks in the green room! That we can freely take!
S: In Osaka when we had a drink, Aiba-kun also brought along snacks.
A: Ahaha, it was me, it was me.
M: Aiba-kun fits the word “sweet” most.

S: Then MatsuJun, indeed that thing. It’s 55th anniversary so I can talk about this.
M: Because this is special anniversary (giggle).
S: Before official filming he uses the buruburu (shivering) machine to relax the tension of his body (giggle).
All: Ahahaha!
O: Indeed it’s sweet.
M: Is that sweet?
N: It’s sweet.
S: It’s buru buru~ in a very small scale (giggle).
O: He does it all along?
S: He does it before whatever programme filming (giggle).

-- At last, what thing would you five like to do?
S: We five? What would that be…
M: Let’s have a trip with all our family members (giggle). We’ll say to each other “Thanks for your care and support all along!”
A: Filial piety.
O: Ahaha, that would be great.
S: Though ARASHI’s five members have opportunity (to go trip together), our family members don’t meet each other.
N: It’s already employees’ trip (giggle).
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I never thought that I would be working for programme related to U18… In fact in this summer I went to Koshien and watched heated matches live. Originally my Grandfather was a big fan of high school baseball, at Grandfather’s home, from morning till evening, there is live broadcast of high school baseball, and he went to see the practice of the high schools of our hometown・Chiba, he liked high school baseball to such extent. Even now I have a grass baseball team and we play grass baseball, therefore this time I work for the first time for a programme related to high school baseball, I would like to report this to Grandfather.

The charm of the high school baseball is, to bravely chase the ball. To put one’s heart and soul into that ball. In such extreme condition that if you lose once there will be no next match, people are attracted by that players of this generation between children and adults seriously fight for victory. When the match ends, no matter those who win or those who lose everyone is full of emotion “great~”, the feeling “We have been doing seriously during these three years~” is well conveyed.

The representative players are working their best with great responsibility representing Japan. This time Japan, no matter players who played in Koshien or those did not, every player attends the match carrying various things, I shall have my hope on and cheer for all members and hope that this match would be an excited one.

TV Asahi (Kansai region only)
18 Sept 2017 09:55~
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9/13 is updated! Today is about “Navigator of High School Baseball U18”.

Well, it’s a programme of another TV broadcaster…
It seems that Master will work as navigator of a programme picking up the High School Baseball U18.
With Player Kiyomiya as the lead, with players such as Player Nakamura of Koryo High School who had a breakthrough during Koshien,
the talented players fought for the World No.1 in Canada.
Though they yielded the third, I also enjoyed watching it live in late-night.

It’s bit off-topic, while I am really happy that Master will work as navigator!
He has been talking about that he likes high school baseball,
and he goes to Koshien to watch matches himself.
When there is Koshien, he talks about the players and teams excitedly.
I think such passion would connect to his work.
And then… I think it would be happy if this would also connect to Gutto-Sports.

This time Master is going to be navigator of other programme, I received messages asking me whether it would be a problem to Gutto-Sports, my reply is there is absolutely no problem at all! Rather I am happy about this!
Though some might be worried that the two programmes are sports programmes,
I think we just don’t worry about these trivial things, and simply be happy about Master working on things he likes.

The broadcast in limited in Kansai local… Will it also be broadcast in Kanto and other regions??
I absolutely want to watch it!! …. TV Asahi-san! Please!

Gutto Sports / NHK
Weekly Tuesday 22:25 JPT
Re-broadcast Weekly Tuesday 0:55 JPT
Recipe introduced in the programme:
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Congratulations to 55th anniversary! It is a long period of time. ARASHI will also work hard aiming for 55th anniversary! At that time, how old shall we be (giggle). It’ll be fantastic if we are idol until that time. My wish to TV Guide-san is… Please keep the logo as it is (giggle). Indeed it becomes a trademark, it is very eye-catching.

When I was small, there were TV Guide-san and TV magazines at home, “I want to watch this programme” I checked the magazines frequently. Like now, I cannot see programme guide on the screen. What I watched a lot was anime and live games of baseball and soccer. In particular, during summer break the anime in the past would be broadcast everyday, I very much looked forward to it. Anime like “Touch” or “Captain Tsubasa”. After that I also watched a lot “Hachijidayo! Zeninshugo”. Indeed I admired TV star The Drifters. Thinking about that, now I have opportunity to work with Shimura (Ken)-san [member of The Drifters], it is really a honour to me.

Now still I watch a lot TV. It is almost no such time that I don’t turn TV on when I am at home. When I get up in the morning I turn it on, when I come back home I turn it on. Though I watch various programmes regardless of genre, in particular I watch many information programmes and news in the morning. It is a source for me to know what is happening now and the current affairs stories. To me TV is a “habit”. It is a must-have for my daily life as well as my work.

--- Playback Aiba Masaki that time! ~ Verification of the popular phrase in the past ~
“The goal 10 years later is to boldly grow to be a man. Recently I also work with kouhais of our company, I feel that indeed I have to grow fast. To me the upcoming 10 years would be ‘journey to become adult’.” - 2009.8.21 issue

Now still I am in the midst of the the journey of “becoming adult” (giggle). Please tell me how I can become an adult! Compared with that time, the opportunity to work with people younger than me increases. Some come to our programmes as guests, in “~ Shimura Doubutsuen” I work with Inoo (Kei). Rather than criticising kouhais, I think it’s the best to have the programme done freely. If they seek my advice, of course I’d answer them.


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