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kouta_yanagi ([personal profile] kouta_yanagi) wrote2012-03-27 11:03 pm

Random after watch Kamisama no karute movie...

I've finished to watch Kamisama no Karute just a few seconds ago, and i can say that i love, really really love this movie...
For the first time i know this movie i just want to see Sho-chan, besides my guess that the theme will get my interest. But after i finished to watch it, my interest is not just for Sho-chan and as my guess the theme really got me in. The whole story is good and have a deep meaning. My eyes got teary when i watch this.
How a patient can erase their loneiness just with a presence of smile from nurse and doctor...

I like Miyazaki Aoi too, she is kawaii...
This movie really make me realize that, if you have two thing that make you confused, ask your heart. Because, the best answer is already in your heart. It's hiding deep inside it. 

In Kamisama no Karute, Sho was called weirdo...

He is a weirdo doctor cuz he likes to tell some monologue from an old book with an gloomy aura, but in the other hand he is so good and nice senseeeiii...<3

Some screencaps, but mostly just Sho

Sho and Aoi = Ichi-san to Haru

Haruka (Miyazaki Aoi)

Jiro Sunayama (Jun Kaname)

He is too tired since there are much patient that he have to handle


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