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kouta_yanagi ([personal profile] kouta_yanagi) wrote2011-11-29 07:30 pm

Kat-tun's PV BIRTH

I Like this PV's concept and the song is very nice to listen...!! Maru is so nice too ne^^

I made some screencaps, here it is~

Kame for the first is fine i think~

Junno for the next~
Oh yeah, i almost forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him...!! hehehe, gomen ne^^

This is Ueda, right??


can you see who is it right?? Yeah, i made much caps for him...!!

hahaha~ i think it's enough... i made this for relaxing my mind a while...!!
This is just for fun^^

note: The main point for this PV is a box, i think... because all of the members bring it along with them for almost any shoot.