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kouta_yanagi ([personal profile] kouta_yanagi) wrote2011-11-11 07:11 pm

happy birthday Tegoshi Yuya...!

This day is 11 11 11...! Some people maybe have a great story in this day. But it's not happen to me. I don't have a miracle story for today. Just like in the other day. Daily activity is going out along this day.

I think, i was too late to say this. But before this day is out with an usual things, i wanna say

TANJOBI OMEDETOU For Tegoshi Yuya...!

Once again, Tanjobi Omedeto na Yuya-kun. I hope you will be better from before. Be success with NEWS and TEGOMASS for the next. Keep your pretty and beautiful face. And keep your sweet voice ne!

Wish you all the best...!

A magical, special day that happens only once a year
I didn't leave you here alone
Definitely next year and the year after too
I'll go to meet you on the same day

A present from God
All the best for your future